TS Series Flow Meters

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ST10/RM10 Module/Housing-PPO/Seals-FPM/Magnet-BaFe/PA/SS
SL10/Housing-PPO/Seals-FPM/Magnet-PPS Encapsulated
SL10/RM10 Module/Housing-PPO/Seals-FPM/Magnet-PPS Encapsulated
LM10 Ex/Housing-PPS/Seals-FEP/Magnet-BaFe/ MS/Stainless
UN10 Ex/Housing-PPS/Seals-FEP/Magnet-PPS Encapsulated
VA10 Ex/Housing-SS/Seals-FEP/Magnet-PTFE Encapsulated

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There are a lot of measuring devices for fluids but the advantages of the new Lutz flow meters stand out from all the rest. Their precision, flexibility and user-friendliness will win you over.

Discover the benefits of innovative Lutz technology:
  • Touch screen display
  • Multilingual menus
  • Simple plain-text operation
  • Integrated help function
  • High precision through overrun correction and characteristic adjustment
  • Safety and monitoring functions
  • Simple system connection
  • Plug and play modular design
  • Simple installation and start-up
  • External controls and data evaluation via standard interfaces
  • Modules can be installed separately by location
  • Suitable for the transfer of neutral, aggressive, flammable and viscous liquids

Flow measurement with volume preselection.
The relay module, an intelligent cornerstone of Lutz meter innovation, helps you automate work processes and organize more efficiently. The desired volume can simply be preselected and started with the touch of a button. Whether for mobile use with a drum pump or for controlling complex systems: With easy volume preselection, your processes will be simpler and safer. The pump, the system and/or the solenoid valve are turned on and off by the integrated electronics.

Easy to assemble.
The Lutz flow meter can be connected to your system quickly and with no wiring needed, using socket connections that canÍt be confused. The new connection system is assembled like a modular design, allowing individual modules, such as the basic meter, control unit and relay module, to be easily connected and installed together.

TS Series: Nutating disc principle
The liquid streaming causes a nutating disc to gyrate about its own axis. A multi-pole solenoid is made to rotate via a driver and switches a reed contact through the housing cover. The volume flowing through is determined from the number of pulses.


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