GoatThroat™ Pump with Santoprene® Seal and 4" Drum Standoff

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FOR MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY: GoatThroat™ pumps with 4" Standoff. INCLUDES 1 pump, siphon tube set for up to 42 inches, 2-inch pipe thread fitting, 3 gram packet of molykote 111 grease and single medium drum seal. Note: Standard models come with medium size drum seal (2.0") which fit the Standoff and all other GoatThroat fittings; multi-size drum seal kit optional.

GoatThroat™ pumps are constructed on 100% non-reactive polypropylene and engineered to handle almost any liquid. The pump works by pressurizing a container to dispense the liquid and opening the one touch tap which controls the flow in precise amounts up to 4.5 gallons per minute. GT100 (red) with Nitrile seal for petroleum-based products including oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, glycerine, chloride, etc. Refer to a chemical resistance guide for compatibility.

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