Viton Drum Seal

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Small Viton Drum Seal (GREEN) 1.81 inch diameter
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Small Viton Drum Seal (GREEN) 1.81 inch diameter
DS 300Single - Small
Medium Viton Drum Seal (GREEN) 2.0 inch diameter
DS 300Single - Medium
Large Viton Drum Seal (GREEN) 2.25 inch diameter
DS 300Single - Large

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Sizes Available

  • Large - 2.25 in.
  • Medium - 2 in.
  • Small - 1.81 in.

All standard model GoatThroat Drum Pumps come with a medium size drum seal (2.0 in.) which fit the Standoff and all other GoatThroat fittings.

Drum seals must match pump color coding. Replacing a seal with the wrong type may contaminate some types of chemicals or damage the pump which could cause risk of personal injury resulting from exposure to potentially hazardous substances. When replacing seals, always use the same type approved for use with your pump. Improper use of pumps or seals will void all warranties, stated or implied.


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