Finish Thompson SPK Drum Pump Static Protection Kits

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Static protection kit, For 3/4” MNPT Fitting, applicable for EFS model
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Static protection kit, For 3/4” MNPT Fitting, applicable for EFS model
Static protection kit, For 1” MNPT Fitting, applicable for TBS, TTS and PFS models
Static protection kit, For 1” Hose Barb Connection, applicable for TBS, TTS and PFS models
Static protection kit, For 1 1/2” Hose Barb Connection, applicable for BT and HVDP models
Static protection kit, Stainless Steel Grounding Cables, applicable for TM model
Static protection kit, Ground Wire with Clamp


Finish Thompson Static Protection Kits (SPK) are recommended to help prevent the accumulation of static charge when transferring flammable or combustible liquids. It is to be used in conjunction with stainless steel drum pumps and air or explosion-proof electric motors.

When pumping flammables at high flow rates, a static charge can build up due to the high velocity at which the fluid is moving. Static charge can become a spark capable of igniting flammable liquids. This is rare occurrence, but it is wise to prevent the possibility by using the SPK. Keeping the velocity of the liquid low significantly reduces these hazards. Our metal tube pumps combined with an appropriate motor and static protection kit is an engineered package designed to provide customers with a high level of protection when pumping flammable liquids.

The SPK is a conductive, 4-foot long x 1-inch I.D. cross-linked polyethylene discharge hose with grounding cables to bond the pump, motor, hose and receiving drum. It will also limit the pumps output velocity to 3-feet/second maximum (about 7 gpm through a 1’’ hose), which will reduce the hazards of static build-up.

* Note: Operating temperature range: -25ºF to 150ºF. Temperatures are based on pumping water. Kit includes synthetic rubber cross-linked polyethylene grounded hose with brass fittings, ground wire, and clamps. Custom hose lengths are available. Contact sales department for information and pricing. 800-849-3030


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