BT Series BTS-B 316 Stainless Steel Drum Pump Tube, 40 in. Length

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The Finish Thompson BT Series is a sealed, high viscosity drum pump. High viscosity sealed design with PTFE screw-type lifting compressors for liquids up to 15,000 cP.


  • 316 stainless steel tube construction
  • Interchangeable with motors
  • Up to 15,000 cP with 3 hp motor
  • Optional FDA-compliant materials with tri-clamp discharge


  • Oils
  • Resins
  • Solvents
  • Waxes
  • Adhesives
  • Gear lube
  • Glycerin

Compatible Motors:

  • TEFC: M15, M16, M17, M27, M28, M29, M39, M40
  • EXP: M24X, M25X, M26X,M33X, M34X
  • Air: M18, M19, M20

When pumping flammables or combustibles, use explosion proof electric or air drive motors on stainless steel tubes with static protection kit.


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